360 Lace Frontals

360 Lace Frontals

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  • Frontal 13x4 Free Part Straight

    12-16 Inch #1B/613 Frontal 13×4 Free Part Straight

  • Free Part Body Wavy

    12-16 #1B/613 Frontal 13×4 Free Part Body Wavy

  • Lace Front Body Wavy Wig

    12-30 Inch Pre-Plucked 13″x4″ Lace Front Body Wavy Wig #4/27 Human Hair Free Part 150% Density

  • Frontal Lace Wig

    Undetectable Transparent 13×6 Frontal Lace Wig 150% 12-30 Inch Water Wavy

  • Undetectable Transparent 13×6 Frontal Lace Wig 150% 14-26 Inch Straight


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  • 10-30 Inch Straight Ombre Hair #1B/27

  • 10-30 Inch Body Wavy Ombre Hair #1B/27

  • 10-30 Inch Ombre Hair #1B/613 Straight

  • 10-30 Inch Ombre Hair #1B/613 Body Wavy

  • #4/27 Clip In Body Wave Hair Extensions 10pcs 120g 18 Inch

  • #8 Light Brown Clip In Body Wave Hair Extensions 10pcs 120g 18 Inch

  • #27/613 Clip In Body Wave Hair Extensions 10pcs 120g 18 Inch

  • #2 Darkest Brown Clip In Body Wave Hair Extensions 10pcs 120g 18 Inch

  • 16 to 24 Inch #1 Jet Black 10pcs Straight Clip In Human Hair Extensions

  • #613 Lightest Blonde Clip In Body Wave Hair Extensions 10pcs 120g 18 Inch


Key Advantages Of Wearing A Wig

Nowadays wearing a wig has become a kind of trend among people for the convenience it offers. Needless to mention, wigs are more stylish and need only a little maintenance. Furthermore, the technology has evolved so much that even a 360 lace frontal wig looks as good as real hair.

When you opt for a high-quality wig, you will be provided with a 360 lace frontal with bundles that have been created from real human hair acquired from real people, which has become a common practice for many women in underdeveloped countries. This outsourced hair is what ends up becoming the 360 lace frontal wig.

For instance, if it is a party you are heading straight to after a long hectic day at your job, it can be really difficult to make it in time if you go to a spa for a hairdo. It would take up a lot of time, as it usually does. So, in these situations, when you opt for a wig, you can just put it on, attach the extension to your scalp, and just hit the place where you want to go.

Here are a Few Advantages of Wearing a Wig.

Convenient and Stylish

As mentioned earlier, wigs are so sophisticated and aesthetically appealing, thanks to advanced technology and mechanisms, and the availability of high-quality hairs. This has enabled us to offer you only the best 360 lace frontal closure, that is easy to put on your head and available in a wide assortment of different styles, all of which are aesthetically superior and desirable.


Hair thinning is a problem that has succumbed to many young adults. Hair thinning is not a problem that comes only with old age, but it can be caused by subtle changes in hormones, environment, illness, and so on. In those situations, wearing wigs will give you perfect coverage for your naturally thin hair. Since our hair extensions are so realistic and sophisticated, they wouldn’t look artificial, instead, they would look as if it’s your own hair.

Works as Hair Protection

Today the world has become technologically advanced, but it has also given birth to various problems, born out of pollution and other relevant factors that ultimately lead to damages that our body incurs. And nothing gets as much damage as your hair. So, when you decide to wear a wig, you will not only be opting for a versatile style to adopt but will also be providing a protective shield to your hair. It would protect your hair from getting affected by natural elements, and would also encourage you to grow healthy.

Choose Us To Get The Best Wig

Being the best wig maker in town, we highly emphasize offering you only the best products. In addition to this, we focus primarily on quality, to make our wigs safe and convenient for you. We will be offering you a wide assortment of styles to choose from! So, go for us whenever you need a good wig!