Guide to the Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded hair extensions are becoming an excellent method or sophisticated technique for clients. It has different types like I-tips, U-tips, flat-tip, and keratin fusion extensions. It differs from traditional hair extensions because there are individual strands. Clients must attach every strand to the extensions to complete the entire head.

All these hair extensions have keratin treatments or pre-bonded on the strands. The glue for attaching the strands does not come separately. Keratin is a natural protein that builds the hair and attaches to the hair better without damaging the roots. Look for bonded hair for sale in different salons today!

Different methods of bonded hair extensions-

Hot and cold methods

When clients opt for hot methods, the hair extensions are attached to heating appliances to blend the natural keratin into the hair.

When clients opt for the cold method, hair extensions come with a bead that is clamped to the hair. It secures the bond without involving heating devices. This technique is safer for hair quality with special pliers.

Different types of bonded hair extensions-


It is one of the common forms of bonded hair extensions used by hair professionals. It is also known as hot fusion extensions with flat tips suitable for thicker and healthier hair. This hair extension features curves like fingernails and wraps around the hair. The keratin remains glued to the heat and attaches to the hair. U-Tips are more durable than other extensions because of their flexibility and simplicity.


This type of bonded hair extension uses metal cylinders or microbeads to attach to the natural hair. It has micro links, which are different from each other. These extensions are suitable for people with thin hair because they do not pressure the roots. It blends with natural hair and is excellent for giving hair volume. People can maintain a natural look with the keratin-tipped end for installation using hot or cold fusion.

Beaded Weft

These hair extensions are like a cross between sew-in techniques and bonded hair. It is long, like continuous strips with little beads sewn into them. The beads are clamped to the natural hair using pillars to keep them tight.

How many installation packages are needed?

The bonded hair extension installation depends on the client’s time and availability. It comes in packs of 25, where each strand weighs about one gram. People need 5 to 6 packs or more, depending on the hair. Some clients choose full-head extensions with 100 strands and a maximum of 140 strands. Partial installations come with around four packs.

Cost of bonded hair extensions

The price of hair extensions varies between salons and the number of strands people choose. It differentiates with the extension strand length, quality, and color. Bonded hair extensions are costly in price but have outstanding results for clients. In addition to the cost of the hair ($200), clients must pay around $1000 for bonded extensions. There is a necessity to retouch the hair and extensions by visiting the salon every three months. DEAL

Therefore, everyone should remember that hair extension services are investments. The bonded hair extensions are not permanent and last many months with proper care and maintenance. It has become popular, and hairdressers recommend it because of its versatility and practical looks. It has definite pros and cons, but it is the best hair extension method.

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