How to Choose the Best Indian Weave Bundle for Their Needs And Preferences?

Do you need clarification about which type of weave bundle will suit your hair? It can be confusing having different hair types in the country. It depends on the hairstyle you like to have and stay with. Read on to learn more about the different types of Indian wave bundles, the factors to choose them, and maintenance care.

Different types of hair for weaves

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is one of the cheap hair available for weaves. People should not opt for synthetic hair if they are using heat products. It is made of microfibers and cannot resist heat at all. It will burn, melt and become deficient in the presence of heat.

Human Hair

It is better than synthetic hair because well-known brands are using human hair. People can do more things with human hair because it has maximum heat resistance but cannot be dyed.

Virgin Hair

If you are fond of coloring or using heat appliances on hair, then virgin hair is best. It comes from the scalp of individual donors, making it durable, heat resistant, and reliable on the market. This hair last for more than two years with utmost care and maintenance.

Factors to choose from before opting for weave bundles-

Length of the hair

When the hair length becomes more protracted, bundles are also needed longer. Hair bundles depend on ounces or grams measurements; each bundle is around 4 oz, irrespective of the length. When the lengths become shorter, around 16 inches, it becomes thick compared with longer hair bundles. It is essential to remember that wavy or curly hair may look shorter, but it stays in its natural state. When people pull it from one end, it measures the entire length.

Hair texture

When people have curly hair, the density of the curl pattern makes the head look fuller. There is no need to opt for more bundles, and with straight hair; people need more bundles to create a fuller look.

Closure uses

When people choose lace top closures pieces to create a natural look, it adds volume to the hair. In all these cases, two bundles help to create the whole look. However, when the complete look becomes a preference, people can choose three bundles.

Maintenance of the Hair Bundles

  • Start with washing the hair at least once a week, preferably with cold water
  • It keeps the Indian hair thick and moisturized
  • Different brands suggest washing the hair three times a week to reduce dirt accumulation
  • Wash the hair after swimming classes, exercising, and going to the spa because the sweat makes it tangle
  • People with oily scalps can use dry shampoo to keep the hair oil free from roots
  • Avoid too many conditioners after shampooing as it builds up in the hair and causes faster tangling
  • Wash the hair when it feels heavy or dry using a moisturizing shampoo
  • Wash the scalp and do a light massage to protect the natural moisture
  • It protects the hair from bacteria growth and stimulates blood circulation
  • You can use a scrub to massage the scalp to make the hair knot-free

Therefore, all Indian hair bundles are available in different hair extensions. It comes in versatile textures that blend with hair types and are suitable for weaves, clip-ins, and wings. The hair bundles come with softness, quality, texture, and various lengths. People can source it from individual donors in different parts of the country. They are free from treatments, color, or chemical processing.

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