How to take care of 27 inches of wig hair 

If you are someone who has a wig that is 27 inches long, then you will probably wonder how to take care of it. Moreover, if you are someone who wear the wig regularly, it is important to keep it clean. Otherwise you are increasing the risk of many infections and diseases to your scalp and skin. Although wigs are not real hair, you should follow some steps to take care of the wig.

First and foremost, regardless of the maintenance level, it is worth having long hair wig. The number one advantage would be all the different hairstyles that you can try with your long hair. Moreover, long hair is also a sign of wealth and status during ancient times. In this article, let us look at some tips to take care of the wig like a real hair.

Keep your hair conditioned regularly –

Long hair requires more products to keep it protected from outside dust and pollution. The moisture in the air makes the hair frizzy. Hence it is important to regularly condition your hair since conditioner acts as a protective layer on the strands and keeps it soft and shiny even in dusty environments.

Use dry shampoo to keep wig shining –

In between the times when you have to shampoo your hair, you can use dry shampoo to help your hair look better and oil-free. Dry shampoo, like conditioner, forms a layer of protection that can make your hair look like it has been washed. It will look soft and voluminous due to the dry shampoo.

Do not sleep with your wig on

This can ruin the texture and condition of the wig. T is highly advisable to sleep without the wig on. Moreover the friction between the wig cap and your skin or real hair can lead to any infection or disease. It will also disturb you at night to sleep with a wig on because of the continuous movements of the wig when you move around while sleeping.

Do not wash wig with detergent used for clothes

This is a big mistake in taking care of the wig. It is wise to treat your wig like it is real hair. Ask the experts or the store from where you bought the wig how to clean or wash your wig. It is essential to know this if you want to maintain the natural shine and bounce of your wig for a long time.

De-tangle your wig hair always –

Even when you are having a bath, use a wide toothbrush to untangle your hair. Apply some conditioner before doing it. Combing your hair regularly can help in keeping the roots of the hair strong and there will be no force applied when you brush your hair. Moreover, you can tie your hair in a braid before going to sleep so that the long air does not form knots which can lead to hair fall and split ends.

In these ways you will be able to maintain the condition of your 27 inches hair wig for a long time. Before or after buying a wig, do some research on how to take care of it so you do not have any problems.

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